Day 1 recap: arrival

I left Connecticut 8am on Wednesday and after 40 hours of travelling, landed in Durban this morning. The whole trip was pretty smooth, all things considered, even fancy. On the second to last leg, from Munich to Johannesburg, they offered veal, chicken or vegetarian. Chicken ran out and no one wanted to get the veal so they were running out of vegetarian too. Finally they started calling it beef instead. I got the veal because I’m an asshole.

It was foggy and cool in Durban when I landed. Thokozane, the driver from Philanjaro (the ngo running the clinic in Tugela) picked me up, along with his wife. We zipped down windy roads along the edges of valleys with dog just revealing one tree at a time. We were going so fast that I might have been nervous but I was so tired I just slept the whole way. The sun came out and we got groceries and cash in Greytown, the closest town to Tugela. Finally I arrived in Tugela, dropped my bags and left immediately with the residents to backtrack back toward Pietermaritzburg where a music festival is happening this weekend. 

There was a thunderstorm last night but we were cozy sharing red wine and avocado sandwiches in our hotel rooms. We watched South African mastercraft, chased bugs out of the room, and obsessed with our shoddy wifi. It was a good first night.