The multi-drug resistent TB clinic and the Bitterness

Went to the multidrug resistant (mdr) tb clinic today in Greytown, about an hour away. Dr.E drove and when I got in his car he asked if I had my N95 mask (for protection against tb) with me. I said of course (we wear them at all times in clinic and hospital) and he said ok good, by the way do I mind that we need to transport a patient with MDR tb with us to Greytown? 

So we drove to Greytown with a pretty sick looking man in the back who was actively coughing and shivering as we had to drive with all the windows down (to prevent the spread of TB, got to keep things well ventilated). All of us were wearing masks, including the patient and the MDR nurse, but not Dr.E. The pt asked if we could close the windows because he was cold, but we couldn’t.. Dr.E gave him his jacket. He was very short of breath by the time we got there. As soon as we arrived we wheeled him in, the nurse grabbed him a blanket, took vitals, and as DrE wrote admission orders, he was whisked away to the ward.

We saw a few patients in MDR clinic (outpatients), and finished the day sharing some tea and crackers with the head nurse from Greytown hospital and our MDR nurse from COSH. It was really nice, actually.

There was a paper poster in the room where we had tea that I liked. Still having issues uploading photos so here is a verbatim type-out:



– the bitterness is the waste energy of yourself

– bitterness is the disease and people with bitterness have for attitudes to everything

-people with bitterness are always negative to everything

-bitterness is self-defense, better hate everynone. Bittnerness is very harmful to you, is destructive disease it affect all people

– bitterness is the killing disease, they don’t take any advise, they always in yhe right side

– they have many visions which they demand everybody to take, if it is good for them

-they have all qualifications they know everything, they belong to all organization, they always lead to everything

-they demand respect to everyone

-people with bitterness they hate themselves they don’t look presentable they don’t qualify to any job

-they always take control to everything, they don’t lead by example

– they always got conflict they enjoy arguing with people above them


Tomorrow morning Mekham (outgoing J&J peds resident from Texas A&M), Sarah and I are going on a 5am hike with Dr.E. We stopped at a grocery store on the way back and I suspect he picked up a few items for the hike. 

Had an interesting chat with Mekham. He was visiting to shower because their house has been out of water for a week now.  He’s Nigerian and a chief in his town! I asked him what responsibilities that entailed and he said to be sincere, just, and uphold cultural traditions. I could see him being a good chief. There are multiple chiefs and one king. 

It is hard to believe I’ve only been here 6 days. Everyone here has been so welcoming. It’s a built in community with shared challenges. The work here could be unpleasant but the people make it really enjoyable and fun. I think it attracts a certain kind of person who wants to see things better. I’ve also been sheltered these past few days as I get eased into the work and slowly oriented. We’ll see how I feel at the end of my 6 weeks.  🙂